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Tir Natur

Tir Natur was formed to address the nature and climate emergencies. Although these are global issues - Wales is as responsible as any country for nature's decline, and we know that more ambition is needed.

Tir Natur means 'Nature's Land' - and this is our ambition; to see more land in Wales where nature comes first. 

Our purpose at Tir Natur is driven by our shared passion for nature, and our collective understanding of the scale of the problem we are facing. We know that traditional approaches to nature conservation will not be enough to turn the tide for wildlife.

Our purpose is to bring nature back to Wales; back into our landscapes and back into our lives. 

We see rewilding as offering genuine hope of nature recovery in Wales, and it will complement other types of land management. We are particularly keen to showcase the role of farming in rewilding systems. 


Tir Natur has three main aims:

To Inspire - We will purchase land in Wales and showcase rewilding & small-scale rewilding, to inspire others to do the same. 

To Connect - We will connect people and projects, large and small from around Wales that are putting nature first. 

To Inform - We will promote the principles of rewilding, and focus on the many benefits it brings to wildlife, the physical environment, and social well-being. 


"We want to change the narrative - away from 'protecting what is left of nature' to 'restoring and expanding natural habitats'. Not only does rewilding recover biodiversity, but also bio abundance - our landscapes should be an absolute riot of life".

Meet The Team Behind Tir Natur

Find out more about the team behind Tir Natur. We are always looking to expand our our group - so if you are interested, please get in touch at

Knepp Photo 6.jpeg

At Tir Natur we ensure that at least 90% of donations will go directly towards purchasing or leasing land for nature recovery. Admin costs are kept to an absolute minimum. 

What's more, this land will be open for you to visit, so you can witness nature make its return in the knowledge that you made it happen!

Photo credits in order - Curlew (Scotland: The Big Picture), Butterfly (Shutterstock), Deer (Knepp Wildlands), Longhorns (Knepp Wildlands), Puffin (Jodie Pullen)

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