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Donate to Tir Natur

Please pop a monthly, yearly, or a one-off donation in the Tir Natur piggy bank. Together, we can turn the tide for nature, and make sure that the future is more nature rich. Scroll down to donate.

We really appreciate your support. Diolch O Galon!

Credit - Picfair

Help Tir Natur to Bring Nature Back

  • Your generous contribution will recover native species and habitats, restore natural carbon cycles, replenish soils, and improve the quality and flow of our waterways.

  • By using our projects to inspire others, your contribution will have a ripple effect for nature recovery in Wales, and beyond.  

  • Land will be open access so you can witness nature make its return in the knowledge that you made it happen!

  • 90% of donations will go directly towards purchasing or leasing land for nature recovery. Admin costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • All Tir Natur land will be secured for the benefit of communities, and forever removed from risk of development and corporate interest. 

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