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Tir Natur Launch Lottery

10 prizes of £100 means ten chances to win every year. 

Great odds - almost a 20% chance you will win a year.

Most importantly, with almost zero admin costs - the profits will go directly towards restoring nature.

  • Tir Natur’s Launch Bonus Ball Lottery is an annual lottery with a single-entry fee. Buy one ticket and get 10 chances to win a year. 

  • Tickets cost £50 – two-thirds of which goes directly to enhancing nature. 

  • Our Lottery is based on the UK’s National Lotto Draw and the winning number is the Lotto’s Bonus Ball on the last Saturday of each month (excluding July and August). 

  • Pick any number from 1 to 59 or ask us to allocate one for you. 

  • We’ll notify you of your winnings and send your prize directly to your bank. We will also announce the winning number on social media. 

  • Our first prize draw is on Saturday November 26th, 2022. So buy a ticket now and help us bring nature back!

Why not buy more than one? Tell your friends & family? Together, we can bring nature back!

How to join our lottery.

  1. Send us an email at with your choice of any number between 1 and 59 - or let us choose for you. We will reply with confirmation and our account details.

  2. You can purchase more than one number, just let us know.

  3. Send £50.00 for each number you want to play to Tir Natur. 

  4. Please pay by standing order which means we can keep admin costs to zero. 

  5. Provide your bank account details and we will send your winnings direct to your account.

Many thanks, and good luck!

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Photo Credit: Scotland: The Big Picture

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