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About Rewilding

Knepp Photo 1.jpeg

What is Rewilding?

Mapperton White Park Copyright Sam Rose 2021 1500px long edge 100pc 300dpi sRGB 5036.jpg

Small-Scale Rewilding


Species Reintroduction


Ark Illustrations

Rewilding restores the complex dynamics of ecosystems. These wonderful illustrations show some of those dynamics - and the ways in which different plant and animal species have evolved to benefit each other.

The Wild Horse.jpeg

The Nature & Climate Crises are inextricably linked.

The solution to both is one and the same - a large scale restoration of ecosystems. Allowing ecosystems to recover not only makes them more resilient to the impacts of climate change - but restores natural carbon cycles.


Donate - Help us Bring Nature Back

At Tir Natur we ensure that at least 90% of donations will go directly towards purchasing or leasing land for nature recovery. Admin costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

What's more, this land will be open for you to visit, so you can witness nature make its return in the knowledge that you made it happen!

Photo credits in order - Deer in scrub (Knepp Wildlands), White Park Cattle (Dr Sam Rose), Pond (Shutterstock), Cranes (Scotland: The Big Picture), Wild Horse (Jeroen Helmer), Tree (Mike Richards)

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