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Imagine a Wales...

...where nature comes first; not something to be controlled or tolerated, but set free.

Together, we can recover a wilder Wales where the complex web of life is restored.

A Wales where people are reconnected to wild nature, and rediscover their place within it. 

A Wales where beavers return to build their dams and recharge our wetlands; where cranes dance in the setting sun and golden eagles soar above Eryri once more.

Mapperton White Park Copyright Sam Rose 2021 1500px long edge 100pc 300dpi sRGB 5036_edite

A Wales where the haunting cry of the curlew is not a lone voice, but part of an epic recovery.

A Wales where large grazing animals roam freely in natural herds, creating complex and dynamic habitat full of life. 


This is the Wales that lies hidden; the Wales waiting to be found

Welcome to Tir Natur

Tir Natur is a rewilding charity, set up to address the nature & climate crises in Wales. The state of nature in Wales is truly devastating, and for too long we have been apathetic to its decline.  

Globally, 1,000,000 species are at risk of extinction, and Wales is one of the worst culprits in the world for loss of nature. We are ranked 224th out of 240 countries for biodiversity intactness - a damning reflection of how we have failed nature over the last decades and beyond - but rewilding offers hope.

At Tir Natur we will:

Purchase/Lease Land And Restore Nature


Connect People & Projects Around Wales


Promote the Principles of Rewilding


Crucially, we will stress the key role of large grazers in rewilding, and showcase how farming has an important role to play.

Ark Illustrations

Rewilding restores the complex dynamics of ecosystems. These wonderful illustrations show some of those dynamics - and the ways in which different plant and animal species have evolved to benefit each other.

The Red Deer.png

About Rewilding

Knepp Photo 1.jpeg

What is Rewilding?

Small-scale Rewilding


A recent poll showed that 81% of the public support rewilding in Britain - with only 5% opposed.

This reflects not only the appeal of rewilding, but the desperate desire of people and communities to see more nature, and reconnect with it. The poll showed very similar statistics across different geographical regions, and the support transcended political divides. Nature brings people together, and together, we can 'Bring Nature Back'. 


At Tir Natur we ensure that at least 90% of donations will go directly towards purchasing or leasing land for nature recovery. Admin costs are kept to an absolute minimum. 

What's more, this land will be open for you to visit, so you can witness nature make its return in the knowledge that you made it happen!

Photo credits in order - White Park Cattle (Dr Sam Rose), Cranes (Scotland: The Big Picture), Beavers (Scotland: The Big Picture), Curlew (Scotland: The Big Picture), Pine Marten (Scotland: The Big Picture), Wild Boar (Picfair), Red Deer Illustration (Jeroen Helmer), Deer in scrub (Knepp Wildlands), Small-Scale Rewilding (Shutterstock), Golden Eagle (Scotland: The Big Picture), Exmoor Pony (Ruth Chamberlain)

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