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Species Reintroduction: Text

Eryri - the Welsh word for Snowdonia, is widely understood to derive from the word 'Eryr', which means Eagle.

Tir Natur will advocate for the reintroduction of species where it is feasible and appropriate - but crucially, we will raise awareness that these animals are part of Wales' natural & cultural history - and have every right to be part of its future. 

We want to see golden eagles soaring above Eryri once more, and beavers busying themselves in our watercourses. However, any reintroduction would be the product of extensive feasibility studies and support from local communities. The approaches taken by Eagle Reintroduction Wales, the Welsh Beaver Project and the Pine Marten Recovery Project are exemplary. Click the links to find out more about them! 

Below are some of the species that have been lost from Wales. From top to bottom they are the beaver, pine marten, red squirrel, wildcat, white tailed eagle (sea eagle), wild boar, water vole, common crane, elk, golden eagle, dalmatian pelican, white stork and bison. 

Species Reintroductions

We have touched on the large native herbivores & omnivores that are so crucial to regulating ecosystems – however, there are many other species that would once have called Wales their home, but no longer exist. These species have been the victims of habitat loss or hunted to extinction. 

Photo credits in order - Dalmatian Pelican (Shutterstock), Beaver Pine Marten Red Squirrel Wildcat White-Tailed Eagle (Scotland: The Big Picture), Wild Boar (Picfair), Water Vole Cranes (Scotland: The Big Picture), Elk (Shutterstock), Golden Eagle (Scotland: The Big Picture), Dalmatian Pelican (Shutterstock), White Storks Bison (Shutterstock)

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